2019 Club Awards

Outstanding Achievement


Kevin Drayson 

For being 1st male in Wyvern mini series

                          Larmer 10        4th         01:21:07

                          Moreton 10      9th         01:17:36

                     Crafty Fox half     6th         01:57:56

And for running a sub 3 hour marathon at NDVM (02:59:55)

Most Supportive Runner 


Pete Doughty

Special award 

For completing all 25 races of the Stickler

Jean Henry

Age grade awards

1st    Pete Doughty   77.1%   at Eastleigh 10k

2nd  Geoff Parrott    75.4%  at Littledown 5

3rd   Sarah Ellis        74.9%  at Broadstone Qtr

Marathon Ballot place
awarded to
Kevin Drayson

Most Improved Runner 

Adam Corbin


For getting all time pb’s in 8 different distances this year

Boscombe 10k medal winners

Gold       Adam Corbin        Vicky Rutter

Silver      Peter Doughty      Sandra Hewson

Bronze   Kevin Drayson      Tracey Price

Club Championship & Off Road Series winners

Club Championships


1st    Adam Corbin            Sarah Ellis

2nd  Peter Doughty         Sandra Hewson

3rd   Kevin Drayson         Liz Dyble

Off Road Series


1st   Peter Doughty         Maggie Stokes

2nd Kevin Drayson         Sandra Hewson

3rd  David Child             Tracey Price

                                         & Sarah Rejchrt

WRC flag
WRC flag

Club champs 1st male Adam
Club champs 1st male Adam

Special award for The Sticker Jean
Special award for The Sticker Jean

WRC flag
WRC flag