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Club Championship Races

The committee ask members for the races they would like to see in the club championship for the year. They then choose 15 of these races spread over the calendar year, taking into account their popularity and ensuring a mix of distances and locations.

In each club race 50 points are awarded for 1st place, 46 for 2nd, 43 for 3rd, 41 for 4th and then reduced by 1 point for each place down. Chip times are used where available. The results are based on a member’s best 8 scores. One of these may be replaced by 50 points being awarded for a marathon run during the year. There are tables for both men and women.

 In the event of a tie, a count back system will be employed to determine an outright winner or runner up. In this case, marathon points are ignored and the final position is determined based on the Club Championship races only. If there is still a tie, then the person with the lowest overall head-to-head position will be the winner.

Off Road Series

The Off Road Series was established in 2018. The men's and ladies champions are determined from the best 5 of 8 races. These are chosen by the committee, based on the wishes of club members, and aim to avoid clashes with other club and DRRL races.

Age grades

Age gradings are now calculated after each club race and awards are given to the 3 highest percentages for the year.

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