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The Stickler

Clive sums up the race well:

During my time with WRC I cannot recall the Stickler being part of any Championship, so for many of us it was our first time at this event. However, club stalwart, Jean Henry, is ever present at the Stickler and as 2019 is the event’s 25th anniversary, following a suggestion by Sandra Hewson the Stickler was included in the 2019 ORS. I had rather assumed that the organisers would be gathering a coterie of the ever present runners for a photo call, but it turns out that Jean is not only the sole remaining ever present runner, but that this has been the case since at least the 10th anniversary. Of all the events to complete a silver anniversary at, the Stickler is an astonishing choice. The route includes 1,666 feet of climbing over the 10.1 mile course that crests Okeford, Hill, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill and also includes one sneaky ‘little’ hill the organisers overlook mentioning.

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