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Weymouth 10 mile

Whilst some Westies ventured East to participate in the Great South Run, 7 others travelled West for a different 10 mile race in Weymouth.

An early start for us all meant it was rather chilly waiting at the start line. There was a bit of a headwind as we started along the prom. Then there was the climb up Bowleaze Coveway for the first time; a small respite before the uphill into the caravan park. After the drinks station we had to negotiate a rather potholed, muddy road, still going uphill before heading back down to the edge of the prom for the next loop up Bowleaze. It was a relief to get round the second time knowing the last 5k was all downhill or flat and with the wind now behind us.

It was very close between Adam and Pete D in the men's race and between Tracey and Sandra for the ladies. 

Congratulations to Pete who earned a first in his age category. 

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